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After graduating with honors from Willamette University, Salem Divorce lawyer, David Johnson, decided to open up his own law firm. He wanted to create his own practice to provide individuals with high quality legal assistance through their challenging situations. His areas of expertise include divorce, family law, nursing home abuse, and bankruptcy. Going through legal issues is very complicated, emotionally taxing and overwhelming. David Johnson wants to help you through your difficult challenges to make the complex circumstances run more smoothly. David is familiar with the detailed intricacies of legal matters regarding his areas of expertise and he wants to provide you will assistance that you may desperately need.


In Oregon, Divorce is legally referred to as “Dissolution of Marriage.” To be eligible for Dissolution of Marriage, at least one spouse must be a resident of Oregon, or have resided in Oregon for at least six months. Oregon is considered to be a “no fault” divorce state. “No Fault” Divorce means that the court will not assign fault to either spouse as the reason for the divorce. Instead of placing fault the court will use the term “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the termination of the marriage. Although direct fault will not be placed on either spouse, fault may be weighed as a factor when dividing mutual property, or awarding spousal support (also referred to as alimony in other states). Dissolution of Marriage can be done without an attorney, but the process is very technical and can be convoluted. Often those who are not assisted by a divorce attorney will end up paying more in spousal support and even losing more of their mutual property. David Johnson is a Salem divorce lawyer who has helped many individuals work through all of the nuances of the legal system. He is ready to help you too.

Family Law

Family legal issues can create an unprecedented amount of emotional complication on the family. Legal controversy in the family is one of the most sensitive issues that can be dealt with in the legal system. Although some arguments among family can be rectified without the use of an attorney, many situations are too complex to be handled on an individual level. David Johnson is not only a Salem divorce lawyer, but also practices many other sectors including family law. He is extremely experienced in dividing estates, time sharing between parents, preparing parenting plans and solving issues regarding spousal and child support. David Johnson would love to work with you through your family legal issues and help you with the complications that may arise with family law. He can provide assistance through all of the nuances of family law, including custody issues. During troubling custody debates many parents wonder who has the right to make the major decisions in their child’s life regarding education, religion and medical care. Having an experienced attorney can help provide you with comfort that your child’s best interest is considered and achieved.

Nursing Home Abuse

When you drop off your loved one to live in a nursing home you assume that they are going to be cared for and properly treated. However, in many circumstances that is not the case. Neglect and abuse of the elderly is sadly something that many individuals have encountered and is a situation that needs to be dealt with immediately by legal counsel. Legal action can absolutely be taken towards nursing homes that do not treat your loved one with respect and care. Nursing homes in Oregon are required by law to provide the proper care and medical attention necessary for their tenants. If they are failing their obligation to adequately care for a tenant, then they are breaking the law and you need to contact an attorney in Salem right away. David Johnson not only has experience as a divorce lawyer, but he is also very knowledgeable in family law which includes nursing home abuse. David wants to help you receive the justice that your family member deserves. Although physical and emotional abuse cannot be undone, David Johnson can give you the legal assistance needed to receive the compensation that is warranted.


Many people do not understand that they have the legal right to tell creditors to stop calling them. In fact, it is against the law for any collection agency to call you when it is inconvenient for you. It is illegal for them to harass you. Whether you need relief from medical debt, crippling credit debt, need help to stop a garnishment, or being foreclosed upon, David Johnson can help. He can walk you through the complicated process of vanquishing yourself from the financial burdens that you face. Many people believe that once you declare bankruptcy that you will never be able to recover you good credit and you will lose all of your assets, but that is a common misconception. In fact, many benefits are associated with declaring bankruptcy. David Johnson can help you determine the best course of action to resolve your financial issues. David has extensive knowledge regarding financial issues and he is here to help you through the process. With the help of David Johnson’s legal assistance, you can stop the creditors from calling you, your debt may be completely eliminated while still allowing you to keep your home, car and other possessions.

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If you are going through a divorce, experiencing family disputes, have experienced any type of nursing home abuse, or are contemplating bankruptcy then you should call your local Salem divorce attorney David Johnson. David opened up his own practice to help people like YOU. He works hard to provide the best service possible and strives to provide his clients with a smoother legal process. David can speak to you in terms that you understand, even when the law can become very complicated and convoluted. David Johnson will never judge you or make you feel embarrassed for approaching him. He truly wants the best for you and your family.

If you are interested in learning more, call David Johnson today! He can provide you with all the assistance that you may need throughout your legal issues.

Client Reviews
David is wonderful. He took on our case with 2 weeks to spare. He's affordable and extremely smart. Has a wonderful assistant who had a ton of knowledge as well. They make a great team. I'll recommend Mr. Johnson 100%. Thank you so much, Mr. Johnson, we really appreciate your work. Cassie C.
Very professional. Went beyond and above for my case. Would highly recommend to anyone. David and his family are easy to talk to and make you feel comfortable. I will definitely be using David in the future should I need a lawyer. He did an outstanding job on my case. I could not ask for more highly recommend. Matthew M.
David Johnson is a master of law, he understands his client's needs and is willing to go above and beyond to get the job done. His knowledge of family and custody law are unparalleled and I would recommend him to anyone looking to get their case heard. While his demeanor is client meetings is objective and understanding his courtroom manner is certain to resolve even the most difficult case. Look no further when it comes to the kind of representation you need. Whisper V.
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